Flexible plans to meet your needs

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Past Meeting Access

We email you a summary after every meeting. Certain plans are limited in the time they have to access meetings in app.
0 1 month 12 months
Direct Report Limit

Every user has unlimited managers. Direct reports (the people managers are supervise) are limited by your plan.
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1-on-1 Meetings

We give you the Scaffolding you need to have great managerial relationships. The most important element is consistent 1-on-1 meetings.
360 Feedback

Investing in your direct reports' career development is core to becoming a great manager. 360 feedback is an important part of that process.
Performance Feedback

Want to get rid of stale performance reviews? You better be great at consistent, direct performance feedback.

Setting and tracking goals is the key to managing performance as well as career growth. Our AEIOU model of cascading goals will fit nicely whether you use OKRs, SMART Goals, or are implementing goal setting for the first time.
Slack Integration

We live where you work. Use our Slack integration to get more done.
Spot Feedback

Giving useful feedback is hard. Our feedback coach makes it easy.
Calendar Integration

90% of success is continuing to show up. Our calendar integration has you covered.
Adjust Meeting Cadence

You can customize Scaffold to meet the needs of your relationships. This feature allows you to decide how often you'd like to connect.
Crazy Smart 360 Feedback

Don't want to waste time entering emails? Don't worry, we've got you covered: let us do the dirty work automagically.
Report Sharing

Get more help in developing your career by sharing your 360 feedback report with a colleague, mentor, or coach.
Customize Questions

Got a set of questions you just love? Want to align your 360 feedback assessment to your values? Want to customize your performance feedback form? We've spent our careers figuring out what works for us. If you already know what works for you, feel free to customize until your heart is content.
Fix Assessment Dates

Company administrator feature: Don't want assessments to be run on a per relationship basis? Choose one date for all people to run 360 feedback and/or performance reviews.
Manage Multiple Cohorts

Company administrator feature: Divide your organization into cohorts in order to create default functionality for each part of your organization with separate assessments, cadences, and behavior based on department, geography, organization hierarchy or any other divisions you may have.
Analog Notes

Some folks find their devices impede on their ability to be present in important meetings. If that sounds like you, use our printouts (or order a Scaffold notebook!) to take notes, then take a picture and we'll handle the rest.
Company Monthly
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Company Yearly
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plus $79/user/year
plus $99/user/year