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Goals are the key to keeping your team working together.
Check out how we help you set up individual goals and larger journeys.

We've used Scaffold for talent planning, performance management and employee development. It provides incredibly useful ways to operationalize our talent management processes, enabled us to quickly identify issues, and empowered us to positively address them. Their team is super supportive, and I'd absolutely recommend Scaffold to other organizations looking to accelerate the growth of their employees.

Matt Hoffman, VP People at DigitalOcean
You aren't an individual contributor anymore

Your success depends on other people

Sharpen your team's performance with consistent goal-based feedback

One on one

I have been looking for a simple straightforward platform to manage quarterly reviews (and the one-on-ones in between). Scaffold is exactly what I needed and I have moved our entire team onto the platform. This is a great way to continually nurture relationships with our employees.

Dan Lambert, CEO BoardVitals
Invest in Your Team

Help them learn to use their strengths and develop their weaknesses with 360 feedback

360 feedback

The Scaffold can be a great tool to help any team better understand and work effectively with their colleagues.

Maria Brewer, Chief of Staff at Eyeview

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