What drives employee engagement?

Find out which managerial competencies keep your employees happy and productive.

How do I increase performance?

Discover the team characteristics that drive great performance in your organization.

Who are my high potential employees?

Identify stellar performers and those who are on the track to greatness with data you already have.

What bottom line impact does HR have?

Help HR truly become strategic by connecting your people initiatives to bottom line results.

From collection to automation
the last data tool you'll ever need

Uncover new insights by integrating the data you already have, or use our assessment tools to
manage talent development. Either way, you'll get powerful connected data insights.

360 Feedback

Create, launch and manage 360 feedback, style assessment and engagement surveys right from your dashboard. Unlimited assessments for one price means more frequent feedback for your teams.

Employee Engagement

Continuous data collection and connected data allow our sytem to stay vigilant so you don't have to stay up nights worrying about losing your best talent. Set it once and we'll keep you up-to-the-minute.


Virtual Coach

Empower your employees to take control of their talent development path with help from The Scaffold. Our virtual coach will use the data you have to send personalized help to your employees each week.

Connected Data

Use data to drive your talent development and retention programs: find the core drivers of engagement, identify high potentials and deliver targeted training programs.

Dead Simple Interface

Ask The Scaffold a question. Receive data-based answers and action steps.


Ask a question, get an answer

Let us handle the engineering and data science and we'll help you get to the creative work fast. Ask the Scaffold a question, and get a data-based answer that helps you get to action.


App Pricing

We're perfecting our platform by working with a select few companies.
If you're interested in learning more, get in touch and we'll connect you with our client success team.

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